Our Story

Absolutely Fiction Books is a labor of love for owners Becky and Jay Jackson. Our story begins with their story.

Becky grew up in East Texas, an avid reader and lover of books the natural place for her to find her first real job was at the local Library.

Jay grew up in West Texas, He was also an avid reader, book lover and a bit of a nerd. After he graduated high school he worked several jobs saving money for college.  He found his way to East Texas and started college and found himself working at Waldenbooks in Lufkin, TX.

One Fall day Becky walked into the store and Jay caught sight of her. For him it was love at first sight, but for her, well let’s just say, she took some convincing!  But they were married the next year and lived happily ever…   No wait, they worked, had kids and struggled just like everyone else but they never lost their love of books or each other.

Becky and Jay both worked for Waldenbooks for a while, Becky worked for several Libraries and Colleges, and they both loved connecting readers with books. They talked about and toyed with the idea of opening a bookstore. Life, as it often does, just kept getting in the way.  35 years later they still had the desire to connect readers with books they loved.

In 2011 Waldenbooks, then owned by the Borders Group, announced its bankruptcy.  All stores would be cleared and closed.  This left their small town without a bookstore and Becky and Jay with a tear in their hearts.

This is when they got very serious about owning a bookstore and it took several years but in 2015 they shored up their plans, did research and training, put their money where their mouth and hearts were and in 2016 opened Absolutely Fiction Books.

Absolutely Fiction is still just a baby, but it was birthed with years of experience, proper training and planning.  This is where its story begins.

It’s about People and Books, Community and Knowledge, Friends and great stories.